Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nothing like a little C&P...

Because I am just too damn lazy to do this all over again, I am copying my post from the Sybermoms Stash KAL

To wit:

OK, here goes. I had to plop the child in front of disney.com to be able to drag this all out LOL
First, here is where it all lives. Well, most of it, anyway....Well, it doesn't actually live on a white sheet covering my futon, it lives in the office. But I'm not about to take pictures of that. But it does live inside these 3 plastic totes. So I was kinda telling the truth. Um, and we've recently expanded to the facbric tote....

Here is some wool...I was astounded that I only had 2 balls of Paton's. I could have sworn there was more than that LOL . The two balls of chunky blue are earmarked for a pair of felted slippers. The yellow is one of my first dyeing attempts. The rest is... well, lack of self control....

More wool. And some cotton. Some novelty yarn. And, OMD - look at that skinny skinny yarn *fainting* There's some novelty yarn in there. And that really, really fugly stuff? Yeah. Dye experiment gone horribly awry. Imagine that. I have more koolaid & plan to mount a rescue attempt. Someday. Soon. I promise.

Speaking of novelty yarn....I might have a bit of a problem in that arena...Seriously. Is there a 12-step program? And well, how else am I supposed to react when Michael's puts Fancy Fur - FANCY FUR, people! - on sale for $1/ball? Look, there's only 12 there. I think I showed remarkable restraint.

Speaking of restraint, now... I have none, none whatsover when perusing a certain catalog... And this is where WIP's live. Mostly....
Yes, that's the damn dog. Nosy bugger. And no, there is nothing in that glass beyond Coca Cola & some melting ice. And yes, that is the purple yarn that refuses to be a scarf. It will be moved to time out soon. See that little bit of lace, about 2" or so? Yeah. That's the part that CUT OFF because it was a boogered up.

I started all over again. I'm liking it. And it should be done, oh, in about time for Sally's funeral, 20 years from now LOL Seriously, I figure if I can knit an inch a day, it will take me two months. My husband just gaped at me when I told him that....


Blogger Venus said...

I actually laughed out loud at the HELP picture. Step away from the novelty yarn! lol

12:29 PM  

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