Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Felting, felting, felting

Keep those bags a felting, with wooooooool!


So, the Big Bad Striped Tote is done - yippeee! OK, done in the sense that I have finished knitting it, tying all the loose ends & going way too bonkers over getting the stripes not to jog and it's felted. The I-cord is almost done; I wanted to see how the bag turned out before I did the cord. So, I have about 3 more feet of cord to do. Here's the bag pre-felting:

It's drying now. Blocking it wasn't all that easy. I think I emptied every small trash can we had in the house to find a good frame for blocking. Wound up using the last two HP novels again, along with a Jasper FForde.

And now, a month later....
So, I've been using the bag. I really like, though it's floppier than I had hoped for. A friend saw it, loved it, wanted one just like it but in different colors. That saga will be in a new post...For now, here's a pic of the finished bag.

Also really late to the posting on the blog process: A tiny striped Sophie & a furry Sophie.

I'm not sure why the small one turned out so small - it's 1/3 smaller than the blue one. I used a combo of WOTA & Patons. Mebbe I just left it in theh washer too long. ¿Quién sabe?

The blue one was made in August, mostly in the car. And there were a number of times I got all off on row count. So mebbe that's why it's bigger. I dunno. I've sold them both, so I don't care anymore LOL


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