Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Now THAT'S a fugly scarf...

But it has meaning...

See, almost 5 years ago, I produced & directed a play written by a local playwright (because my theater co. produced new works by local playwrights). She also acted in the play, as did my husband. The piece was fictional, but with many elements based on real life. The character played by DH has a heart condition, so he has taken up crochet - in some of the doGawfulest colors, too LOL

He is also a packrat, and after he passes, the wife (played by the playwright) starts to clean out his shed. She comes across a yarn stash, which includes several balls of pink yarn left over from the pink blanket he made their daighter. She also finds a ton of olive green yarn, prompting the line "What? You were going to knit a Jeep?"

As producer, I bought the cheapest yarn I could as props. And guess what's been in my garage for 5 years? LOL

So, because I love the playwright & needed knitting practice, I made her the Brody scarf! (Brody is the husband in the play).

It was good practice for me - I did it in 1 x 1 ribbing - and she loved it! And here it is, as modeled by DH, who played Brody in the show and in the screenplay that was subsequently made as a result of an indepedant filmmaker falling in love with the show when he saw it :D


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