Friday, February 10, 2006

What on earth was I thinking?

Oh, wait. Thinking. Right. That should have come into play somewhere along the way. I plead the Nyquil defense.

So, I'm playing in The 2006 Knitting Olympics, yeah. Still working on that. My fellow teammates will be like the Austrians in the Alpine event & I'm that guy from Bermuda, just doing my best...

Which is not, apparently, purling. I have yet to figure out why those stitches are so loose. I'm sure it's some time-honored newbie knitter thing, but it's pissing me off. I wonder if there is an Olympic knitting record for longest time evah spent knitting a pink cotton dishcloth?

There are hearts appearing. It only took 2 hours for 11-ish rows (because I haven't learned yet how I'm supposed to count those rows I pull out and painstakingly put back on the needle...)


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