Wednesday, April 19, 2006

AMG 1, Fun Fur 0


Take THAT, you fuzzy string you!

This is a purse for my niece. I even managed to unsew it after I sewed the wrong sides together - and I used a strand of Fun Fur to sew it.


I didn't have enough yarn (or patience, for that matter) left to make the strap, so beads it is.


This was supposed to be a purse with MicroSpun lining made from a pattern. Yeah. Not so much. Whatever. 30 sts on #8 needles. Knit till yarn is gone. I haven't measured how big it is. Took most of a day. But it is DONE now.



Blogger Nicole said...

HAH! I knew you could do it. :p

8:59 AM  

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