Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Miracle of the Pink Yarn

Yup. That's all that's left of the miraculous Pink Cascade. Bless its heart. It lasted as long as it needed to.

Along about row 50, I was starting to get worried. I continued to berate myself for not striping the bottom or something. I was worried I would run out of pink and have to do the handles all in yellow and I knew that grubby hands on yellow would be, well, grubby looking.

Speaking of handles...I'm kicking myself for second guessing myself on how many to bind off for the tote handles. I had planned on 20 and I should have stuck with my plan, because, well, the handles turned out too big. And, just in case you were wondering: NO, you can NEVER have to many markers.

Oh, and now would be a good time to thank all the Yarn Hores at Syberemoms for talking me down from my OMFD! HOW THE HELL DO YOU PICK UP STITCHES ON THESE EVILE CIRCS?!?!?!? little freak out. They didn't even really laugh at me. Much.

So, here it is before felting - I really, really, really like the way the stripes worked out.

And finished:

A qualified success. As in "I had no fucking clue what I was doing when I started and I pretty much winged it the whole way and look! I have a relatively useable (as in, you can put shit it in. mostly.), not-actually-fugly finished item!"

I don't like how wide it wound up and we've already talked about the not so great Handle Decision. But I think the stripes totally rock and I want to use that pattern again.


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