Monday, October 30, 2006

Paying attention is a good thing

Especially when you are felting a Sophie bag. Which isn't all that big to start with.

If you are so stupid as to put your bag in the washing machine, then go get your child out of the bath, you are quite likely to be distracted with giggly fun - and then you have it morphing from this nice bag

Into this teeeeeeny tiny thing that's maybe 6" tall. WTF?

Um, just ignore that piece of my shirt that made it into the picture. And the shadow. Ignore that too. Focus on the teeeeeny tiny purse. It is oddly small compared to one of the other Sophies I've made. Of course, I have another Sophie that is fairly small too, so maybe of the 3, the bigger one is the anomaly.

So, my friend and knitting mentor and she of Purple Duckie fame, says my pre-felted bag was pretty darn small to start with. She was showing me her droolalicious Sophie she made with the new SWS yarn. Her bag was much bigger than mine. Mine was about 13" pre-felting; the strap was 46" (I mention the strap length because I YIM'd Boxy earlier today & made her measure *her* Sophie strap. Naturally, I did this while at work and managed to keep knitting i-cord to what I thought was about 36". Whatever.

Ah well. It is what it is. Which is, actually, a kind cute little bag after all.

Spent the weekend beading like mad, getting ready for the
2nd Annual Fall Festival & Chili Cookoff held at our church. I had to kick some serious beading ass as I took stock of all the knitting I had and was woefully lacking. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, stitch markers - I'd post pics of the sparklies I made, but my camera battery died while taking the above pictures. Maybe tomorrow...


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