Sunday, January 14, 2007

I have lost my ever lovin' mind

Look at what I just got in the mail.

Yes. That is what you think it is. LACE WEIGHT yarn. Very, very skinny yarn. 3 hanks of it. THREE. And I bought skinny needles too. I KNOW!!! It's like one of the signs of the Apocalypse, isn't it?

I have this idea that I will make a feather & fan scarf for a woman who is moving away to be near her daughter and her first grandchild. So I wanted to make her something really special. Because nothing says "You are loved and will be missed" more than lace, right? Right? (dear universe, please don't tell me that it should be socks, because that would drive me completely around the bend!)

Acutally, it hasn't been all that bad. Thank heaven for circular needles, though. This is my progress after working on it yesterday morning during my son's TV time. Makes sitting through the umpteenth repeat of Little Einsteins & JoJo's Circus a LOT easier.

My biggest trouble has been the k2tog stitches - the needle (omd - it is sooooo skinny!) doesn't seem to want to get both of the damn stitches. I have also figured out that, when stopping to refresh the coffee, it is best to do so after finishing the lace pattern row, as I am not at all certain I will be able to distinguish one K row from another.

If you are reading this, you will notice I haven't updated for, oh....months. Yeah. I occasionally have this thing called "a life." Amazing. Basically, it gets in the way of crap I want to do, but well, there ya go. I have managed to turn a really sweet gift into a FO:

This is a Kristina Bag from Black Sheep Bags. One skein of Casecade 220 & one of Noro. (the bag is a tad darker than the picture - I can never get the flash thingie right) It turned out pretty nice, albeit a titch smaller than I expected. The top is a tad floppy & I haven't figured out how to fix that. I think if I make it again, I will decrease a few sts on each side. I loved, loved, loved the way the double I-cord strap worked. It was a PITA to knit, but I love the thick, flatness of it.

I have what seems like a bajillion WIP's. And I just joined the Sybermoms Stash-KAL. Which is a good thing, because I really need to use some of this stuff. I still have a gift card to JoAnn from Xmas ( I KNOW! I have been good and not just blindly bought stuff because I can! The planets must be in some bizarre alignment, what with the lace & not buying yarn....). Oh, and I reserve the right to buy the 2 skeins of Malabrigio that I have comitted to buy. And that's it. I promise. My husband about fell out laughing when I told him this.

I did place a KnitPicks order for the lace & needles and tossed in some Merino Style (because I got some from the sweet swapper who sent the Kristina pattern & yarn) and decided it was lonely and I got some WOTA to finish another BigAss Tote because I didn't have enough brown, except that I remembered which brown wrong & now I have a buttload of Snickerdoodle WOTA and am waiting for my 2nd order so I can have the Maple Syrup I need to finish this.

Yes, I know it is blue and brown. Shut up. I like it.

Also in the WIP pile is:

The Still Not Completed BigAss Tote
Some of you might remember this experiment. Essentially, I was trying to replicate something else, because someone wanted to pay me big bucks for one. At which point I flipped out & tried to make it even better. Yeah. And it was so totally worse. Anyway, I whacked off the wobbly top and it is just sitting here, staring at me, waiting. For something. I dunno. I have the i-cord strap I made when I did the bag, but I'm holding it in reserve. For this:

Looks eerily familiar, no? Sigh. Can you imagine how freaking tired I am of black & red & grey? No, it's worse. I never, ever want to see this again. But I have to finish it. So I'm calling it a WIP, with "Progess" in this case being very, very loosely defined.

Finally, there's this scarf. I saw the Caron Simply Soft Tweed and simply had to have it. And right about the time I saw it, Yarn Harlot posted this scarf. So I'm making it for my dear, sweet, puts-up-with-me-for-no-damn-good-reason-sometimes husband. And I'd be a lot further along if I could work on it at work (insert great amounts of cussing) but I can't because someone saw it out next to my keyboard while I was away from my desk and ASSumed I was knitting instead of working. Never mind that 30 minutes to an hour can go by without a call coming in....Wugh.

So, I think that's it.

OH! And I got a ballwinder for Xmas & I just bought a swift. Yay. My child loves them both & inists on "helping." Which is why I waited till he went to bed before winding the first hank of lace weight into a ball.

Whew. I suppose that's about 2 months worth of posting. Now back to knitting. Skinny yarn & skinny needles. OMD. What is the world coming to?


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