Thursday, July 10, 2008

o hai

Long time no post. Like, a LONG time. I'm really not that lazy.
*insert pause for insane laughter*

So, let's revisit a few of those resolutions I made way back about 6 months ago....

1. Finish the sock I started. Then decide if I really, really, really care enough to do it again.
Well, it didn't *exactly* happen. Something went bazonkers after the heel turn and damnifino what it was. I wasn't all that in love with the stupid pattern anyway. OK, let's say I was infatuated with it to begin with, then reality stepped in. And then the poor sock got shoved aside for other things, I couldn't find my notes and a needle came out and well, that was pretty much it for the sock.

And then I decided I wasn't EVER going to knit socks, they hate me and I have to stop buying pretty sock yarn. And THEN I gave away all but about 2 pair's worth of sock yarn. (you know where this is going, right?)OK, I have a really really good excuse. REALLY.

My excuse is that I read the Yarn Harlot's blog way too damn much. And that Lorna's Laces sock yarn kept whispering to me every time it got a chance, just daring me to cast on. And then I had a 2 week stretch of a split shift, working 4-8pm every day from home with nothing better to do that sit on the couch and knit while watching Law & Order re-runs, waiting for the phone to ring. There ya go. A pair of socks. By me. I know! Hey! Is that Four Horsemen riding up?

Oh and ps- I really, really hate the way blogger deals with inserting photos. What a pita.

2. Pick a pattern for a shawl/wrap to go with the 4 balls of Misti laceweight alpaca my mom gave me.
Nada. But I have a more interesting Ravelry queue.
3. Start knitting #2
See above.
4. Begin and finish the Tiger Eye scarf
See #2 again. I actually bought some loverly golden laceweight for this and cast on. Then realized the pattern called for fingering or sport weight. I swapped the laceweight for something else and bought a different yarn - isn't that purdy?

5. Find a pattern/idea for my 1075 yards of Malabrigo worsted in Vaa
Shaddup. I'm still looking.

6. Begin knitting #5
*lalalalalalalalala* I can't heaaaaarrrr you!
7. Get rid of all the yarn in my stash I have no intention of using for anything
The fact that it only got done this past weekend matters not at all.

8. Go with my gut and frog the damn pinwheel sweater already. Because I'm not liking how it fits, and the one sleeve that is about 3/4 done is too tight.
Done. And I have used some of the yarn (a mere pittance of it, granted) on some hats.