Friday, December 12, 2008

Holy cow - it's been a while and Hello, Sekrit Santa!

So long in fact, I can barely remember how to do this!

I have lots of knitting projects to update, but mostly I'm doing that via my project page on Ravelry these days. And, um...yeah. That's a bit behind too...

The main reason for this post is to post info for my Sekrit Swap pal. :)

1. State your name and favorite holiday song.
Winter Wonderland

2. What is your favorite color?
Except when it's blue.
Or purple.
Sometimes it's brown.
And I really find myself liking grey right now (wtf is up with that? i bet a therapist would love that progression...)

3. Do you have any special holiday traditions?
Every year, we get a new 'special ornament.' This year, DS decided that the little foam ornament he received from his dance instructor qualified. Gotta love kids!

4. What is your favorite holiday memory?
The year my dad got a new pair of water skis & we went water skiing Christmas day.

5. Any allergies we should know about?

6. What crafts do you do - knit, crochet, spin, dye, bead, quilt, etc.?
Knit, sorta spin, sorta crochet. The beads have been put on hiatus due to their lack of ease of portability, lol.

7. Any sorts of fibers you particularly love or hate or are dying to work with?
The experts say you are supposed to have a diet rich in fiber, right? And that your diet should be varied. So, there ya go. I like 'em all.

8. What weight of yarn do you prefer?
Now see, that's a sticky one. I used to swear I would never knit lace. And now I have more laceweight that I ever imagined myself owning (it's not a lot, mind you, compared to some, but the fact that I actually own it and, moreover, have intentionally purchased it for myself, could quite possibly be one of the signs of the apocalypse...).

Going by my stash, you'd think I preferred worsted. But lately I have been leaning more in the direction of DK or sport weight. It's that whole "balance of the universe" thing. Probably.

9. What are your favorite knitting accessories? (i.e.: stitch markers, row counters…)
I love my stitch markers. Mostly I love that if I need more, I can make more ;-) I would love my scissors, needle gauge and tape measure too, if I could ever find them when I needed them...

10. Do you subscribe to any crafty magazines?

11. What do you collect aside from fiber-related things?
I'm guessing dust bunnies don't count? Cellulite? Wrinkles? Spam? Yeah, I didn't think so. Then nothing, really.

12. Favorite candy, chocolate (dark, white, or milk), tea, coffee, other treats?
Dark chocolate, hands down.

13. Do you enjoy handmade soap and body products?
Erm, I'm not a "body products" kinda gal...

14. What is your favorite winter sport/past time?
Snuggling under the covers with a good book.

15. What is your favorite holiday movie?
A Charlie Brown Christmas

16. What is your favorite: flavor, flower, letter, number, film, artist, scent?
Flavor: Chocolate. With raspberries for good measure.
Flower: Texas wildflowers
Letter: "Dear AMG: Congratulations on winning..."
Oh. Not what you meant? OK. Um...Q. I think that's the funnest letter in the alphabet.
Film: To Have or Have Not
Artist: Klee
Scent: Fresh coffee (preferably wafting from the mug being handed to me as I wake well after the sun has risen. Shaddup, a girl can dream, can't she?)

17. Anything we should *not* get for you?
See #13 above. Add "candles."

18. Do you have a blog and or wishlist that are not linked on Ravelry or listed in the GoogleDoc?
Dude, you are reading my blog. And I haven't updated my amazon wishlist in like, forevah.

19. Anything special you would like your partner to know?
I'm just tickled to be associated with the awesome Rav helpers - you are all faboo!


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