Friday, November 16, 2007

Sekrit Santa Stuff

Holy crap, I haven't updated this thing for a while.

And now I am doing it in a totally selfserving way - because I'm in a Sekrit Santa Swap and it is not fair, really - I'm not doing this for me! - to not post my favorite colors and all the cack that I am greedy for this year....

So, without further ado:

  • Color - good. Love jewel tones. And for some reason, I have been enamoured of misty greys lately.
  • Fiber - good. I just learned how to spin, so some pretty BFL roving would be welcome. Because, you know, the llama ball and the other roving currently on its way to me will *not* last a lifetime.
  • Fiber - good. Mmmmmmmmmmmalabriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigo is always a good choice. Or really, damn near any yarn. Except...see the next one...
  • Fiber - bad: Sock yarn. Me and socks are not getting along so well. And the sock yarn in my stash is getting restless. Let's not add more & increase the pressure....
  • Books - good. My Wish List
  • Chocolate - good. Dark chocolate - best. Chocolate w/coconut, not so much...
  • Xmas cack - good. I am a sucker for Xmas...stuff. Shaddup.
There, I hope that helps you, Sweet Sekrit Santa!


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