Friday, March 16, 2007

Hidden Hippo, you rock!

What a great e-card - thank you! I'm still laughing. My son had me play it 3 times - and now he's trying to talk in a fast, high-pitched voice. Which, with a horribly stuffed up nose, is truly funny to watch!

You asked about the lace scarf (I'm a bad, bad blogger...). It is Knit Picks 123 Shadow Scarf And I have not done a thing on it all week. Never mind that I have finished more than 1/2 of the KP Entrelac Tote while home with the sick kiddo. The tote is something that was easy to pick up & put down. I must have a minimum of 20 uninterrupted minutes to get through 1 repeat on the scarf - a whole maybe 1/4" - and getting up for water, popsicles, tissues and "Mommy, you can change the movie for me this time" kinda put the kibosh on that.

The tote is quite the experiment, actually. When I worked in production, we had the saying of "Well, we can fix it in post" meaning "Oh, good hell, she was wearing yellow the first time we shot this damn scene!" or something equally disastrous & we'd have to figure out how to fix it in post production. I feel the same way about felting - I am trusting in the yarn deities & the power of the GE washer to make this thing wind up looking like a reasonable facsimile of the pic on the pattern.

Because you gotta have faaaaaaiiiiiith!


Thank you again for your kind thoughts & the e-cards! Truly lifted my spirits!


Blogger hidden hippo said...

Hey Darling!

Glad you liked the card. There's just something about Hoops and Yoyo that makes me laugh like a maniac. Glad you like them too. If your kiddo is up on computers, try out the Lego site,they have some great games. My 4 1/2 yo loves the preschool train, airport and other "boy-ish" games. Nice diversion.

Hope the worst is over by now?

Hugs! HH

4:32 PM  

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