Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Mystery Project & Pattern Rant

No, really.

OK, so I spent all day July 4 sitting on the couch, watching Law & Order re-runs and making...the mystery thingy(ies?) that I can't talk about. Literally ALL.DAY. I've got a bit of a cold & planted myself there, took over the remote and glared at the menfolk till they left for the movies. Have I mentioned how much I love DVR & pausing television? I never ran out of episodes. All. Day. Long. Even managed to see a few I've never seen before - yay!

I ended up using nearly 4 balls of Knit Picks Merino Style from my stash. Which I wasn't sure I'd ever find a project for. Yay. Granted, nearly half of it was in swatching & experimentation, STILL! I managed to spend an entire day knitting and have something cool in the end. Except I can't talk about it because I was making {thatwhichcannotbenamed} for my swap partner. Once
{thatwhichcannotbenamed} is in her hands, I will post pix and a pattern.

What happened to the other projects, you ask?


Still not motivated to knit on the F&F scarf. I really do need to ramp that up. The Ballet Camisole is coming along ...OK, I suppose. I found that I goofed the pattern - knit an extra row in between increase rows (and the decrease rows as well). I would very much like to blame that on the pattern. But, I suppose I can only blame me.


Look, I'm not stupid and I can read. So, yes, I should have understood

Increase as set on every foll 6th round 6 times more

to mean "Knit the increase round, then knit straight for 5 rounds, then repeat 6 times". But why in hell can't the damned pattern say so??? Seriously, is it that fucking hard? But I just saw the number 6 twice, so when I jotted into my notebook that I carry with my knitting, this is what I wrote:

* k2, m1, k to 2 sts before marker, m1, k4, m1, k to last 2 sts, m1, k2
k 6 rounds
* repeat 1
k 6 rounds
* repeat 2
k 6 rounds
* repeat 3
k 6 rounds
* repeat 4
k 6 rounds
* repeat 5
k 6 rounds
* repeat 6

So, I have an extra fucking row going, don't I? Which - thankfully - doesn't seem to be a problem, because I am kinda long waisted BUT it has totally fucked with my head and it freaking pisses me off. Because now I don't know Why bother writing a pattern if you aren't going to write it clearly. As in, "clearly enough so that even newbie idiots like me can't goof it up."

/end rant

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